How We Work

We are true investment advisors.

BANTA Property Group is not your typical real estate company. We recognize that both our relationship and the procurement process are the keys to secure the property that fulfills your needs. Beyond the search or the closing contracts, we’re a diligent partner who works to see the entire project come to fruition.

We sweat the details.

It’s not just about the search for us, as we are passionate about the full real estate process. Have you considered zoning, permits, or even the parking situation for your employees? We will. Have you done a lease analysis or income-expense analysis to ensure you have sustained capital? We do that. Have you organized the best team of architects, contractors, and even lawyers to bring the vision to life? We deliver the right people to the table. Have you considered current political or market climates? We have.

It has to be more than just a good deal on paper, it has to make sense in the real world, too. Our team will sweat each detail right alongside you until everything fits. The teamwork between these disciplines is critical to everyone’s success.

We answer the call.

Every relationship we tend starts with a phone call. It’s the best way to connect our team of capable and talented professionals with your vision to identify a match in the marketplace. That’s why you won’t find all of our properties here online. Our inventory is extensive, as is our knowledge and experience in the local real estate market. We’re confident that working with us will close the deal you were after.